House of the Master Yeshua

Why the 'church' still matters

When I began this ministry, I was determined not to follow the rule and model of ministering in the typical conventional 'church'. But it was not because I am against people attending a church. But rather because the Lord has explained to me that He is against the way conventional church has become.

He made it clear to me that there is a grave rebuke awaiting ministers who enlargen themselves through greed, taking and demanding monetary tithes from the poor.

He has also made it clear that no one single body or church has the legal authority to prosecute, condemn, convict or harass believers into any strict code of behavior or doctrinal rules.

He has stated that His church is to be made up of many small and manageable community groups of believers for a minister or bishop to lead, minister to and anoint. That is NOT what is happening in the churches now.

There are mega churches where parishioners are going spiritually hungry. It is because the minister who is flying around in his jets doesn't have time to spiritually feed his devoted flock. Woe to these!

For fund campaigns, missionary outreaches that draw more believers than a minister can support is not the way church is supposed to operate. And for these types of events there shouldn't be a charge. Also the speaker is supposed to encourage or recommend groups to the audience of establishing fellowship with a local church!

That being said, I began a ministry to teach people how to minister to their own families, how to participate in the Sabbath, feasts and holy communion in the home. These are the traditions of the original Apostles. it was expected that many many ministers would be commissioned to herd small flocks, that no one member of the community may be found wanting of spiritual nourishment. And it is these tending to a smaller ratio of people collectively that came to be known as the church.

And a third point He made clear is that the priesthood has become a lofty class male dominated hierarchy. This is evident even though Yeshua established His ministry for ALL believers to partake in the priesthood, even woman, and the old as well as the young! To diminutize the capable service of those who clearly bear fruits of the Holy Spirit is wrong. The ministry wasn't just for senior men to hold authoritarian positions and subdue the rest of the flock!

The church is indeed vital to the kingdom of God and the hungry soul. For spiritual living cannot be espoused in solitary living apart from others.  All the virtues of life are in fact realized where there is fellowship, brotherhood, body unity in God.

So it is a positive and even mandatory thing that after Holy Sabbath that people unite in one place under the Holy Name to pray, praise, sing, witness, teach, counsel, instruct and prophecy. It doesn't have to be a dedicated public building. In fact sometimes these kinds of buildings obscure and confound the work of laborers for Heaven!

For the Holy ground of prayer and worship is said to be wherever two or more are gathered in His Holy name. It is vital and necessary unto obedience that believers gather together for the purpose of praising their Lord, praying together, celebrating God together, comforting, healing and anointing one another, sharing the fruits of the Holy Spirit, for counsel, moral support and for instruction.

So it is imperatIve that you as a believer find a relatively manageable sized group and stay connected, actively participate in its charity and missions, and be united one with another in the Covenant of God!

For John the Baptist who lived alone in the desert as a hermit even regularly came out of his hermitage and fasting to gather the masses of people for baptism. He exhorted them to repent! Many people regarded him a greatly beloved prophet. And he ministered to the poor and the many. And also when Yeshua appeared on the scene he deferred his commission to Him. From that point He was always followed by the same crowd of the poor and the many. And His was indeed the greatest ministry of all.