House of the Master Yeshua




I published this website to support my ministry.

It is a personal labor of love and earnest commitment which brings great satisfaction.

I firmly espouse the growing practice of communion and Sabbath in the sanctuary of home.

For the home has always been the true temple of God.

I also believe strongly that the Master Yeshua is ushering in a new era wherein seekers will find the inspiration to minister to their families spiritually. They will no longer be forced to cower to the immoral dictates of authoritarian despots and hypocritical dictators who profess themselves to be 'clergy'.

Before I began my ministry, even though I tried to be devout, I was a spiritual mess.

I tried going to church, seeking Jesus and other 'paths' to find a clear way to answer to the void in my heart.

But at first this seemed to lead me further away from God.

After a long time, I repented of my inner selfish desires. I made the stiff and utter commitment to stand for the truth principle. When that happened do you know there was little to nothing in my life that was worth standing on? Of course this commitment allowed God to cut away all the chaff (true inner conviction).

I began truly learning about God with the most difficult trials of my life. He is not in a book, although you can read about Him there. He is not in a stone church although the body faithful CAN evoke HIm to show up there. 

When I received the clear cut call to minister and teach others what I'd learned, I could not believe the Voice calling me. I was incredulous that I was worthy to attain to such a call.

But after many years of denying this call, the Lord began walking with me, just walking.

I found so much joy in my heart for his company because by now I was truly alone, that here was no way I would feel right with any other alternative. So I acquiesced to His invitation: gentle tolerant and patient as He was.

The word ministry defines the spiritual service. It can be implied as the anointing or imparting of the Spirit or the creating of sacred moments.

Although GOD IN HIS COVENANT WITH HIS PEOPLE has declared originally that all followers are priests and priestesses by divine birthright, certain persons are called specifically for such a work.

A person such as I has been trained tested academically and professionally to be truly prepared and capable to serve and assist the poor and the many for a redemptive work in communities.

So I define my spiritual service as that labor to communities which imparts the anointing of Spirit. This, I believe wholeheartedly is what the Master has prepared me to do.