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received through illumination from deep meditating on Our Lord.

Vol 1 chapter 1

The real truth about time on 3D earth

Yeshua said to me “A child attending a funeral was told that his beloved grandpa was now in heaven after suffering a long time with an illness. The child was told by his Dad that heaven was a beautiful place where there was no more suffering of any kind. The child recognized suffering at an early age. He knew that it was not desirable. He responded by asking the question, “but why can’t we be in heaven now?”

To which Yeshua began to seemingly to branch off into something else.

But in the end His whole discourse made sense. Ultimately He answered the question of the innocent child. For this is also our own question no matter what phase we may be in our lives.

He continued "Often people characterize our times in terms of seasons. But really we are not in seasons as delimited by the 4 major parts of the year. I hear many false preachers often talking about seasons.  They misconstrue what seasons really should mean to people. They are not simply times of famine and curse or times of abundance and blessing. They are more than that.

The word seasons is an agrarian term, a nostalgic one for an earlier period. This was when men and women closely followed weather patterns for raising crops. This is the way for thousands of years that people sustained their lives. Agrarian cycles were absolute segments of time.

No, my dear child,  we are actually in cycles of time. For there are periodic differentiations.  Of the dispensations of God, we can say that cycles are more accurate, that is if we follow time for the harvesting of fruit from our souls rather than our lands.

We also understand cycles of time better as we are now largely a technologically driven culture. You see cycles are not absolute segments of time as seasons are. They can be experienced of a short duration or as a long one.

In heaven, God and His angelic hosts consider the cycle as a smaller wheel in the larger wheel of turning. A cycle is a better description for our times in life because we, being different each one from another, experience the dispensations of God in varying lengths or duration and also types. These are very diverse.

The t.v preachers today never talk about that. It’s disappointing. They leave out what should be stated.

Well, anyway to get back to what I am saying....Since a season is a predeterminate duration but a cycle can be 6 months long or 3 years, it gives flexibility. He  apportions time approximate and appropriate to allow us to take shape within the framework of our individual temperament, makeup and needs. We are all addressed differently by God and His Angels because we are all different. Sometimes these cycles of time in which we undergo special experiences, trials, growth, blessing, etc ultimately brings us into the domain and will of God. It creates a new type of person in us able to learn about and come into the greater portion.

Sometimes He takes us out in the lesser portion for a long long time, but all for our greater good. We endure these cycles of life in God’s creation and His continuous quest for the perfecting (not perfection) of our spirit. Remember only God is and can be ever perfect. But our spirits go through quantum phases. We as individuals come very nigh to the sum total perfection of the soulship in God but never come into it entirely.

We will always maintain some happy imperfection that builds up and gives glory to the Supreme perfection of God. This other kind of perfecting happens as we become willingly mature accepting more and more of God’s sovereign domain and involvement in our lives.

We have to become mature receivers of God’s spirit for obtaining the greater portion in ‘mysteries’.

The persuasion of God to invite you to experience this is not clear cut on the surface. This world is different. You are not ‘in’ the moment you hear His voice. God uses divine strategy in letting you ‘play’ both sides of the field while you are learning about Him before you can maturely and informedly decide whose team you want to be on.

This is called the maturing cycle and can take many years. Sometimes many years yields little in spiritual fruit and sometimes a few short cycles in time can yield great abundance of fruit. Everyone is different.

As the master vintner works, each branch of the vine is pruned and dressed accordingly to its bent. God understands this about us and is patient of everyone’s painstaking cycles of learning through experience. He also pardons the great errors we create by testing the experience of playing on the other side while we are in a learning cycle.

That is why redemption and reconciliation is a key part of knowing Him. Mercy is infinitely abundant in the heart of God for even the most hardened. He knows everyone by their hearts and who still is in a learning mode. But He also knows when we are mature in the spirit having acquired that which bears an impress of His divine nature. And in this new state "the new man" is wherein we ultimately get to decide for or against the greater portion. He is not deceived. His will is only revealed and accepted by willing mature disciples who have chosen Me. For I will lead you to the greater portion. This is overwhelmingly the picture shown in the Bible of the difference between Peter and Judas. As mature disciples they both had access to my nature. But one of these in strong contrast to the other having attained already unto my nature chose against the greater portion....

As we mature and become true disciples, each disciple goes through the purifying of our imperfections initially created that allowed us to test both sides. Those were implanted in you originally deliberately in order to give you access to both the right and the wrong.

How will we properly be able to seek the right if we haven’t first tasted the wrong? Similarly how will we know what heaven is when we find it if we at first didn’t get to know what heaven is not?

But take heart, once we have chosen, the imperfections for our own sampling and testing of life's results of choices are there only for a cycle. Their only purpose is to allow us to apply our own sovereign will in the wrong or chaotic way and suffer the natural consequences and thereby learn.

In that learning we will also discern and strengthen the maturity in our souls as children of the Most High God. When we see the wrong and error and we repent of it, personally inwardly pledging to do right thereafter, this is called repentance. Repentance means choosing the greater portion.

For it is only through repeated application of the fruits of repentance

1. determination to seek the righteous way after lamenting the wrong

2. persistence in searching for the greater portion

3. diligence in persevering after God’s truth

that we are opened up to this cycle of purifying the imperfections. This purifying perfecting is often symbolized by ‘coals of fire on the tongue’.

What this supernaturally does is the maturing and cleaving of your spirit to soul toward the greater portion. This blessing of experience makes you zealous to speak God’s truth in your life, and to do His will despite and at all odds to your self, as well as to love Him deeply.

The only way a disciple can hold the mysteries of God is to get to this point. But for those who enter in last to the Mysteries, sometimes it turns out that they end up receiving them as if they were meant to be first.

So my friend little grasshopper, be patient and longsuffering and forgiving with everyone, even the most seemingly unworthy and irascible.

Because ironically their excesses and overindulgence in wrong living might prove to cause them so much suffering and remorse so as to win a true repentance. This will take them to a place in their souls that is so weighty that they are heralded as first in the Kingdom.

Food for thought next time you criticize a person for acting wrongly.......

So, back to the story about the child and his question. His Dad pointed to the cross and said "son, we will all carry a cross (share in Yeshuas' suffering) for a little while. But in so doing this helps us to understand what heaven should be like and when we have arrived. If your Grandpa hadnt known the suffering, he would not have been able to recognize heaven once he was nigh there."


Disclaimer this is NOT a channeling or a recording of Yeshua by a medium. This is inspired wisdom obtained from waiting on the Voice, Presence and Spirit of The Lord Yeshua..