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Excerpts from the Gospel of Peace

excerpts from Books 1, 2 and 3

And the Master answered "Happy are you that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom".

"Happy are you, that you knock, for I will open to you the door of life".

"Be still Know I am God".

"The seventh day is the Sabbath: thou shalt remember it, keep it holy". "The Sabbath is the day of the Light of the Law, thy God". "In it thou shalt not do any work, but search the Light, the Kingdom of thy God, and all things shall be given unto thee."

And seeing the multitudes, The Master went up into a mountain, and his disciples came unto him, and all those who hungered for his words......

When God saw that his people would perish, because they did not see the Light of Life, He chose the best of Israel, so that they might make the Light of Life To shine before the sons of men.

And those chosen were called Essenes, because they taught the ignorant and healed the sick. And they gathered on the eve of every seventh day to rejoice with the Angels. (It is important to note that this is where the word Evangelism comes from)

On the eve of the Angel of Love "For love is of the Heavenly Father". "Ye shall love one another, As the Heavenly Father hath loved you". "For the Heavenly Father is love and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in the Heavenly Father, and the Heavenly Father in him". "Let him that love Him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might". "Brothers, be ye all of one mind, having endless love and compassion one for another". "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people". "But thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself". "If a man say, I love the Heavenly Father, but hate my brother, he is a liar". "For he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love the Heavenly Father Whom he hath not seen"? "He who loveth the Heavenly Father loveth also his brother". "Love ye also the stranger". "For ye were strangers in the land of Egypt". "What doth the Law require of thee"? "By this do we know that the Angel of Love Doth dwell in us, when we love the Heavenly Father, and keep his Law". "Love and seek God". "Honor all men and love the Brotherhood". For THIS is the whole of the law."

Gospel of Peace



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"Nearly two thousand years have passed since the Son of man taught the way, the truth and the life of mankind. He brought health to the sick, wisdom to the ignorant and happiness to those in misery.

He conquered half of humanity and the whole of the civilization of the West. This fact proves the eternal vitality of the Master's words, and their supreme and incomparable value.

The content of this book represents only about a third of the complete manuscripts which exist in Aramaic in the Secret Archives of the Vatican and in old Slavonic in the Royal Archives of the Habsburgs (now the property of the Austrian Government).

We owe the existence of these two versions to the Nestorian priests who, under pressure of the advancing hordes of Genghis Khan, were forced to flee from the East towards the West, bearing all their ancient scriptures and ikons with them.

The ancient Aramaic texts date from the 3rd century after Christ, while the old Slavonic version is a literal translation of the former. Exactly how the texts traveled from Palestine to the interior of Asia into the hands of the Nestorian priests, archeologists are not yet able to reconstruct for us. We have nothing to add to this text. It speaks for itself.

The reader who studies the pages that follow with concentration, will feel the eternal vitality and powerful evidence of these profound truths which mankind needs today more urgently than ever before."