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The amazing beginning


The amazing beginning that shaped the world

Christianity as a whole is really a small spectre of a movement that is spiritual in nature. However its influence is a loud clamoring for the hearts and minds of men. As a legacy it is entwined with the throes of war, conflict, sabotage and despotism. Its inner culture is enmeshed with syncretic religious influences from all cultural persuasions, even the pagan. But the foundational root of teachings culminate from the failing of the Messianic concept, from the distortions of the rabbinical priesthood, and from the persecution of the keepers of the vow...Yeshua's one trigger was the disconnect of the contemporary Jew of his day with the Enochian prophets of old because of not just one but actually several false Jewish religious ideas.

Our Lord Yeshua Emmanuel was Semitic in his lifetime but He came from a blend of Middle Eastern cultures not withstanding Assyro-Aramean genetic ties. It was His stepfather who was related to David, not his mother. His mother hoever was related to Aaron. He was actually twice entitled to the throne of Judah. As a Semite, he and his family held fast to the Abrahamic covenant. In this period at the start of his ministry, He was able to demonstrate how all the different practicing sects in Jerusalem had fallen away from this covenant with God established and maintained by the great Patriarchs of old.

After his passing and ascension, the growing emergence of His followers were indistinguishable for a small period of time from the group who followed Yeshua's exhortation to return to this Covenant of old. For a time they went underground to avoid persecution by Roman emperors who demanded utter devotion to the State and were tired of Jewish calumny and rebellions.

But later through teachings Greek thinkers and others, the foundational movement initiated by Yeshua began to divorce itself entirely from the Semitic religious framework of the time to call itself "of the Christ". That is precisely the time Yeshua's followers began to be called 'Christians'.

Later as this movement grew in great numbers and Rome was weakening in its empirical authority, this Christist  movement was becoming recognized as a great population. Just as they began to have a voice, this "Christian" group fell prey to the dreams of power of mighty men. Over many generations the mass following was herded into a universally proclaimed but false doctrinistic trap.

How the Christian faith began

It is important to acknowledge that Yeshua Emmanuel did not establish the Christian doctrine as it has convened in modern times. He espoused and supported a radical departure from the rabbinal strongholds of orthodoxy. This tradition was not Christian. It was not even Jewish as in the modern sense. It was not Hebraic.

From what Hebraic sect was the Jewish Yeshua born?

It could be argued He was born of the community and school of the Essenes. But historical evidence shows he preached in the Temple as a rabbinal Pharisee. History mentions repeatedly his interactions with the Pharisees and His role as a Rabbi who had taken the Nazarite vow as the eldest son of several brothers. He was a teacher and chose disciples. But scholars of early historians refuse to declare with absolute certainty that what He fully espoused. It states he followed the customs of John the Baptist. But scholars are afraid to be discredited for stating the lack of information found in the New Testament for a particular creed by Yeshua.

It could moreover easily be shown that Our Lord actually pulled away entirely rom the initiation of the Essenes (John's Bnai Amen school) and the discipline and legalism of the Pharisee to help the poor and many receive his personal affirmation of universal redemption. But He fully negated the messianic and fanatical striving and violence of the Zealots who could have easily made him King and wanted to. the strict ascetism of the exclusive Essenes, as well as the pomp, haught and hypocrisy of the Pharisee, and the depraved underhandedness and hopeless materialism of the Saddacee.

For this cause was He targeted for death by his own cultural groups and made a spectacle of. All these groups were angry that the one most qualified to lead them did not espouse the claims of supremacy.  For He had effectively shown the world how these self prescribed authorities who lay claim to the Holy of Holies had ALL broken from the original mandate of God.

Yet because of His rejection of their enticements to rule over them, like the puppet ruler Herod, the descendants of His own Prophets did not willingly  receive Him to espouse his real message and mission. Thus this reckoning of dissonance between the caller and his cchosen scattered the flock leaving room for the gentile to sup at a sumptuous table in the form of true saving knowledge of the man we call Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, whose name is Yeshua Ben Youssef.

But even though now as we worship and pray in the name of Jesus, the book that validates our faith, the New Testament makes no mention of Yeshua or of Him asking people to become "Christian". Jesus is only portrayed as saying "Come and follow me."

What newly discovered records reveal about Yeshua, the real "Jesus"

And we know from research study done today that there are ancient records that can prove and attest to Yeshua's real life. These details include archaeological artifacts and finds which testify to his life. Many ancient records were destroyed. If they were kept, they were translated incorrectly and rewritten by hired scribes for the development of a codified creed for the unabashed empirical church. The original records were either deemed 'apocryphal' if they could not find them to destroy them or they were discredited.

But why would any history need to be excluded at all to establish a universally saving faith?

Consider the roots of Christianity and why the facts of many obscure and recently emerging historical documents were not included in the New Testament.

As a Master, Yeshua would have taken many years of preparation and difficult trials. Even apart from the Essene tradition, as a Rabbi, Yeshua would have studied very intensely under the venerated teachers of His day. Yet for all its supposition of the ministry and miracles of the New Testament this book is almost SILENT about his own beginning, training, preparation and trials. 

Why did the New Testament not give credence and testament to His years of preparation saying only HE was already born exalted with wisdom?

The NT says He underwent all the sufferings of man. Why if God became man wasn't his own trials, discipleship and learning included as part of that suffering for the record? It only give two very scant clues as to any preparations from mentioning the initiation rites of the Essene. These were suggested by the chapters that talk about how He was baptized by John and spent forty days in the wilderness.....

What does the baptism really mean to Christians or the forty days of fast which was so common to the understanding of the Essene?

Today even these are contrived to mean something else. Their original meaning has changed to validate the Christian faith as we now understand it. But why didn't the Christian faith keep to the original knowledge of these rites and traditions in Yeshua's community if he so espoused these? And who changed the meanings and for what reason? No reference is even made to Yeshua Ha'Machiach or His insistance that we all return to the Covenant of God and the fellowship therein. For this was John's rallying cry. Yet the only thing the New Testament does refer to is that Yeshua's teachings are an easy yoke, simple enough to be received just as He was quoted. He is said to have stated "follow me." In fact you must indeed come with the lack of cynicism, and natural innocence and trust "like the faith of a child." But why was this all that was left of His history? Yet even in  scanty exclusion of the facts of historical consequence the NT somehow manages to convey at least in part the evidence of the exoteric or outer teaching He gave to the masses. It gives only the slightest clues to the "esoteric" mysteries He reserved as a highly exalted form of spiritual knowing for His closest disciples. These mysteries were explained by Him in secret for 40 days after His resurrection. After his ascension this secret knowledge changed his disciples supernaturally. This is what was meant by the "tongues of fire" in what is called the Pentecost. But the New Testament does not explain or reveal those mysteries. The NT says only this comes from the Spirit resting on the heads of the faithful. In Matthew 18:2-6 2 it says He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Yet indeed in spite of all the vices and misapplication and exclusions of history which gave way to the Church's twisted codified creed, it still manages to witness at least in part to Yeshua's simplest but most profound concepts. It declares that Jesus said that faith starts as the smallest of seeds. What it does not elaborate on is that this seed must be built up every day with even greater seeking of wisdom until it matures in full understanding. But it does not elaborate on what kind of understanding. The scribes who wrote the Bible left behind only subtle clues daring not to entirely eradicate the evidence that Yeshua left behind of not one but two levels of understanding to give people with different levels of that ability to understand.. He really tsught that each person has a proper place to start each unto his own capacity to receive the saving Word at their level or in other words.....right where they are at.

How Yeshua Ben Youssef became Yeshua Emmanuel to the Essenes (Nassenes) and Nazareans, Yeshua Ha'Machiach to the Messianic Jews, and Ieseous Kristos to the Greek Gentiles and finally Jesus Christ to the Roman Christians

Historical records point to Yeshua as the son of Youssef and Miryam. But the word "Christ" was added to His name not by His family. One only has to follow the evolution of Christian history to understand where these later names were derived. This is a long story with records available everywhere and too long to quote here. But to sum it up, ultimately in the end the word Christ is from a Greek derivation that came later and was posthumously added to His name. For at the time the word "Christ" meant "Kristos" or crystal clear consciousness of an enlightened master. The word really conf ers a royal title, a universal role, a divine stewardship. To the people of this day and time, this suggested that anyone could be a Christ. But even Yeshua foreshadowed this way of thinking. This is portrayed subtly in the New Testament when He was quoted as Jesus in saying "Ye shall even do greater things than these...." He reminded us that everything He has inherited or done we shall also and even to greater heights! What good news! We can become a type of enlightened Kristos because He paves the way.

What is the take away from reacqainting oneself with Yeshua Emmanuel?

Having acquainted myself with knowledge of ancient Judean scrolls which depict the Gospel of Peace, the Torah, Talmud as well as many sources of apocrypha, I found to my bewilderment that much Jewish history was left out or glossed over in the creation and codification of the newly constructed Bible of the Christians. I realized that learned men who study its origin in order to preach are aware of this. What's more is they often use a system of 'apologetics' to recover from the reasons for missing history. So throughout my life my most prominent mission has been to pour over many newly discovered 'oldest' scriptures of most ancient origin. I have gone even beyond that of the Jewish books to realign and validate the true and unadultered teachings of Our Master into my current practice of faith.

Yet I do NOT wish forsake our current scriptural knowledge of The Saviour. But I affirm that we must as the body of believers work to reinvigorate our knowledge of Him and invalidate its false premises. The only way to do this is seek out, study research,  validate and finally declare the original tenets of Yeshua currently now. Becoming more and more evident. Then we must work to expunge doctrine and falsehoods that are not at all even supported by the historical documents. All that are considered ordained clergy must preach and re-teach the original Yeshua espoused by all the denominations of Christ. In addition to this, the universal language of Spirit must be tested and re-validated by each and every believer in his or her own experiences in learning the true history.  Only in this can we uphold Yeshua's truths in His ministry and save our churches from wolves in sheep's clothing!

Why is the Gospel of Peace and other apocrypha so utterly evident of Yeshua's wisdom?

In Ephesians of the New Testament, Paul was quoted as referring to the 'Gospel of Peace'. It gives rise to the possibility and consideration that the Gospel of Peace was actually an illumined teaching recognized by early Christians. But it was probably excluded from the accepted Gospels by Church Fathers. Modern day apologists may have tried to discredit this Gospel of Peace by simply using it as descriptive phrase to define the virtue of the general message of Yeshua. Historically for the Essenes; the sect of Nazarite Judaism into which Yeshua as born, the Gospel of Peace was indeed an actual discipline and it was written down as a gospel with the Essene schools. It may have had more depth and restrictions than Christians today are willing to admit and espouse. But Yeshua made it easy for us to RE-enter into that peace covenant with God by removing barriers and restrictions that may have been required by such strict Essenes. He made it easy for all who would come to know the true loving presence, spirit and mercy of His Father to enter into His fold but not without a sacrifice of something. I wish to strengthen and help enrich the world's understanding of the true nature of what it is to experience Yeshua's sonship with the Heavenly Father. I wish to reveal the hidden inference to the historical facts unadulterated yet now interpolated by the creation of the New Testament. For documents like the Gospel of Peace reveal the utter light, grace, virtue, justice, benevolence, harmony, beauty, clarity, and tenderness of Yeshua's spirit toward all men. But one must introduce himself to these apocrypha in order to see this for himself.

The basic tenet is that WE have to become as HE is to enter Heaven. It begins by accepting His free gift of redemption after repentance, which means a change of heart, mind and spirit. So this website was created to be a study about what we observe from the original perspective not just provided in the ancient Gospel of Peace, but of Yeshua Himself.

It's Good News!