House of the Master Yeshua

Ancient scriptures attesting to the covenant of God



What ancient scriptures tells us of Yeshua Emmanuel

The exoteric outer teaching of the Master Is known to the world as fundamental Christianity. The oldest known and recorded sayings of Yeshua Emmanuel and documented journals of his followers say that the  Master gave us examples of loving God and loving and serving the family of God and others even who haven't yet joined!

Throughout His ministry He told stories exemplifying the simplest concepts of his teachings. These did not include elaborate ritualism or occult metaphor. In fact, those closest to him learned to have simple faith and the trust of a child from these stories! The things He taught were surprisingly clear and simple for following Him avoiding elaborate schemes and complicated directives in guiding his children.

Building on what John the Baptist started

Significantly He built upon the precept of John the Baptist to allow for many to be able to receive the word of God to return unto this covenant with God and repent (renounce slavery to the legalism of the rabbinical priesthood of the Jews) as well as the base idolatry of Roman and Greek and other pagan gods.

He made it possible for those to resign themselves from that but who were not yet able under normal circumstances to receive the greater portion of the truth.

How did Yeshua the Master extend redemption and salvation to all people?

For these he gave the exoteric or "outer" teaching that as many as could come and were willing might be able to be instructed more deeply in the faith as they gradually gained strength and understanding.

For He had come from the Essenes and the process of entry and initiation into spiritual disciplines such as this which offer the greater portion was intense requiring great commitment. Many of the common and poor just weren't ready. But he didn't exclude these. He simply added a way for them to make that spiritual entry way with the spiritual food they could eat at the level where they were at.

And so this process continues this day. He does this to reveal and express that we are never to use extreme legalism and ascetic discipline as hard and stony requirements for those seeking redemption, salvation or finally exaltation. He also calls each and every one of us to 'minister' unto those seeking that truth and sow the seed of salvation even amongst the lowliest and least deserving of us.

What promise is held for those who can finally go beyond the outer teaching?

He revealed starting with the teachings of John that little by little and with great practice through learning and perfection in the Spirit we would achieve even greater works than His. He was referring in this to the revealing, knowing and doing of the esoteric or "inner" teaching, which even today the majority of world knows little about.

But He only found willing and able candidates in the disciples He chose but that candidacy continues today! Good news! He started first by offering us the free gift of redemption to any that would receive it to began little by little, dot for dot, a line here, a line there of building the foundation for the life which is lived receiving the esoteric teaching or the greater portion of the Word of God.

For this reason of His gift, all people both immediately and ultimately have direct access to God and eternal life if they would so will to attain it. Good news!

What challenges exist to receiving the Word of God either exoterically or esoterically?

He cautioned his followers about the future wherein deceiving doctrines would give rise to pagan cults, heresies and state mandated creeds which would corrupt the knowledge of the covenant of Abraham to God. He prophesied that people would commit sin and kill in His name. He knew that power hungry men would attempt to alter or in some cases eradicate the history of Yeshua and all the ancient prophets. For indeed this did happen wherein men of power in some nations prohibited teachings of Christ. The Roman emperor Constantine recreated a church based on an abbreviated story of Jesus with great portions of his life left out. For indeed the history of Yeshua and the murder of His person was turned into a deified unreachable Christ who could only be solicited and represented by an select group of 'ordained' men.

The original Abrahaminic covenant

God made a covenant with Abraham because of Abraham’s faith. From here on he was called the ‘friend of God’. In the Old Testament it is affirmed that Abraham is the only one who ever received this designation. Even Moses who was faithful and obedient unto God was only called ‘servant of God.’ 2 Chronicles 20:7, Num 12:7-8. In the book of Genesis, God promised universal benediction for Abraham and his descendants. Genesis 17:5-6, Abraham 2: 9-11. The sign of this covenant was circumcision of the flesh. All other covenants that come after are really a continuation and reiteration of the original covenant. It is also stated that one can partake of the blessings of this covenant even though not a descendant of Abraham by espousing this relationship with God in their hearts. This is essentially suggesting the circumcision of the heart. And this is spoken about by Paul in the Book of Romans. This was the truest and most pure intent of the teachings of Yeshua Emmanuel who saw that many of Abraham's descendants who had received circumcision as an outward sign were in fact not faithful and obedient to God and were showing to the ones under their authority a bad example.

What is an example of doctrines that deceive?

One of these doctrines could have most certainly been characterized as the Emperor Constantine's state mandated Universal Church of Rome. It was this church which began to acclimatize the name of Yeshua to a Greek understanding to force the unlearned or those who had already accepted Yeshua's outer teaching to espouse the new paradigm of universal religion. What this strategy accomplished was that all who were forced to call Yeshua by the new name of "Jesus" would not be able to undo the authority and dictates of the new powerful politically minded universal church. Even though Yeshua had received women in his group of disciples and had ultimately appointed many as ministers and prophets, under this new paradigm of false religion, women were not allowed to learn, or serve further delimiting access to God for all. And the appointment of only men who were ordained as priests and the requiring that they become 'celibate' was to prevent their connection to women and the influence of women was added as a safeguard to protect the power of Rome. For the heads of state wanted to be able to do anything necessary in warfare to protect that state, even to overtaking of lands and holdings, extortion, torture and murder. For the only purpose of this 'church' was to grow the control and power of Rome.

What is the result of these deceiving doctrines in the world on the spirit of mankind?

Unfortunately these digressions from the true teachings of Yeshua Emmanuel have led to serious, mortal and doleful conflicts and crimes against the body faithful causing the perishing of many souls as we saw in the Christian crusades. Not only in history but again we also witness persecution of people today who do not bend the knee to State rule or the rule of despotic religions. These tyrants and religions seek to undermine personal liberty of men and women to choose either the lesser or greater portion. Sadly Yeshua predicted this with great sorrow. He did not come to establish his Kingdom only to have it divided! That kind of denial of spiritual birthright and submission to political tyranny and influence negated His labor for a Kingdom built on willingness to freely accept truth and love.

Are there any political powers which do seek to uphold the willingness and ability of each and every individual to freely accept the lesser or greater portion based on their natural spiritual ability?

The founding fathers of the U.S created a mandate by which we could recognize the separation of church and state but still maintaining a great reverence for the Word of God and the Covenant of God whereby we as humans could progress toward the greater portion of fellowship with God. This nation of power protects religion but does not mandate it. But this protection and reverence for God did not necessarily mean a preference for the Christian religion or anyone particular religion or creed and many people stumble on that point alone. That is why many power brokers are currently trying to create strife and division in America and undermine this basic human right. They know if the many receive this right to spiritually progress that no one will be able to control them. They will become self determined souls in alliance to God with the supernatural power of the Patriachs!

So how does a seeker of the truth begin at all with so much deception and confusion about?

The path that leads you to keep seeking to discern the things of the Spirit is the true path of Yeshua. Instead of seeking doctrines or alliances to spiritual creeds seek to become like Yeshua and seek the unity with God He has offered which will make you joint heirs of the Kingdom of God! And as you open your life to the living example of Yeshua through what He revealed by His resurrection, the Holy Spirit of God will descend to commune with you and reveal to you the wonders of heaven based on your level of understanding. Selah! Good news! For before He left to resume building of the many mansions of the Spirit in Heaven, Yeshua said He would send the Holy Spirit as a personal comforter and revealer of all things.