House of the Master Yeshua

Yeshua's good news


What good news does the House of the Master Yeshua share?

Here in the house of the Master Yeshua we simply believe in Our Lord Yeshua Emmanuel and his teachings from the oldest, most ancient scriptures unedited and untouched.

 We believe He paved the way toward reconciliation with God and the inheritance of the greater portion from God the All-Parent, Living Father, Holy and Good and His Holy Spirit. Essentially Yeshua sought to disengage the family of God from organized religions in order to embrace fully a renewal of the Abrahaminic covenant with God.

Even though from ancient times, many religions arose out of recognition to this covenant, including the Jewish orthodox, organized religion was not God's desire for man. Instead of ruling by the law, Moses tried to exemplify ruling by the 'heart'. But man was hard hearted.

Today, still there are many creeds all vying for the same promises in this Abrahaminic covenant. But there are differences that cause division in the family of God. In the family of God we now have to contend with competing creeds such as islamists, jew, trinitarians, vegetarians, charismatics, pentacostals, messianics, gnostics, episcopalians, presbyters, mormons, witnesses, lutherans, catholics, baptists, methodists, and protestants. The only thing that is the same about all these groups is that each believe that they are the chosen ones.

But Yeshua stated that God knows his own and is not deceived. For all we know adopting a strict creed may drive us far from God. So at the House of the Master Yeshua we seek to disengage from aligning ourselves to a creed. Instead we seek to unify believers and seekers of God by returning to and reestablishing the unity that should exist from the covenant Abraham made with God.  We seek the unity that should exist in the body of believers.

We can start by being agreed at least on some points. It is that Yeshua was the Only Begotten Son of God, the Anointed One, Co-creator with God who descended to earth as man and ascended to back to Heaven as God. Another is the recognition of the fact that before God sent His Only Begotten, He sent many prophets to declare the dispensations of God to the children of God. Some were heeded but some were not. Many of these prophets were killed!

It is also stated in Genesis the first book of the Bible as well as Jewish literature of the Old Testament God was with us in Paradise. This was the place where Adam and Eve, the first human parents in the image of God first originated. But due to the fall, the gates of Paradise were forever shut to mankind.

But Yeshua reopened the gates of Paradise for us, a relationship that had been destroyed before. He offers this opportunity to those who are willing and repented of the lesser portion.

How is the Abrahaminic covenant and truths of the greater portion of God revealed to the willing and repented?

To the enlightened the knowledge of the greater portion must be introduced by God In mystery. This secondary level of knowing from the standpoint of faith cannot be argued against or debated. Beyond any other point all worldly spiritual doctrines which are part of the lesser portion have both a semblance and a delimitation of the truth of the greater portion. If you read about Moses, you will see how the many defied the greater portion.

In the end, revelation and validation of the greater portion, that which was written in the first tablets of stone and in the hearts of righteousness who followed after Abraham, will appear again with the True Saviour. He is the one true and faithful Judge, the purveyor of the litmus test of this sacred covenant. But we don't have to worry or strive to prove whether or not we or others are in the right way with Him. We are not the Judge.

All we are asked to do is to remember and apply the first and only important commandment. This will lead us naturally to seek Him, believe Him, and follow what He says in the oldest recorded and unadulterated scriptures He has inspired! Seek first the kingdom of heaven and love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and love the children of God as yourself. For He then concludes "for then all these other things will be added unto you."

Is not this the good news?