House of the Master Yeshua

Spiritual Discipline

The acceptance of spiritual disciples by Yeshua is still practiced today. It is a difficult path to attain unto the greater portion (esoteric teachings)  but HMY was founded to help. Firstly, you begin by study of proverbs and anecdotes from the scriptures, parables and metaphors that Yeshua used to teach his followers, He will establish in you the preliminary development of faith.  

This page is for the seeker wishing to get started. It details a list of the topics that will be covered in our 7 week program, given, for free. Whether you are a volunteer, steward, practicing minister or for purposes of self- study,  this program can put you on a path of clarity and understanding.

As you commence with this simple teaching, He will build your faith. When your faith is strong, you will become able to live the life of a mature person seeking after the Spirit. As your soul readies itself for the inner teaching (esoteric) you will begin to witness evidence of the veritable Spirit of God revealing, speaking and expressing Himself unto you things you would not have known if you had not prepared. This is what is meant by the greater portion!

When you sign up for study, these topics series will be mailed to you. After every topic you will be given a quiz to see what you understood with no right or wrong answers. Then you will be given an exercise to complete in essay form as a way to reflect on your takeaway. Throughout there may be activities to perform in order to undertake a topic, and conclusions to write about. After the entire series is completed, you will submit your work online and upon review be mailed a certification of completion as a disciple of Yeshua Emmanuel.

Week one

     Spiritual self inventory

     Parable of Lost Son

Week two

      Ethics versus traditions, how they are different

      Parable of the land of the rich man who produced plentiful

      Religion versus Spirituality- why they are in conflict

            due to the agency of free will

     Parable  of the landowner who hired servants

Week Three

       The work of divine angels in man and the communions

       Parable of the wheat and the tares

       The deity of The Heavenly Father and dispensations to the prophets

       Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Week Four

         Yeshua the Anointed One and historical work of salvation

         Parable of Lazarus and the Rich man          

         The lesser and the greater portion explained

         Parable of the pearl of great price

         How man views truth as relative or absolute

         Parable of the Sower

Week Five

          The informed choice: knowledge for making a

                decision of the right path for you.

          Parable of the two debtors

Week Six

           Resolution and commitment

           Parable of the Ten Virgins

           The imparting of the fruits of the Holy Spirit

           Parable of the fig tree

Week Seven

           Exemplifying the conscious enlightenment of The Father and Son

                and Holy Spirit

           Parable of the Talents

           Perfection vs happy imperfection

           Parable of the Unclean Spirit


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