House of the Master Yeshua

Judeo Christian Rites (of the Nazorean tradition)

This page about certain rites observed in the traditions followed and affirmed by Yeshua Emmanuel in His Nazarite customs. The exclusion or inclusion thereof any that might be known in a religious circle does not constitute our denial or acceptance of them.

Here we choose to exemplify by meaning those which are more commonly known by historical emphasis as part of the Judeo-Christian faith. Their origins, meaning and method of application to our lives will be shown here to help the faithful come to understanding of the fruits of the Holy Spirit embedded in the actions and deeds of the Judeo-Christian faithful.


Rites observed by Yeshua and his family



Dedication (exemplified by Samuel at the Temple for the infant Yeshua)


Anointing with water, clay, oil (exemplified by Yeshua in his healings)


Baptism by water (exemplified by John at River Jordan for the man Yeshua)


Communion (exemplified by Yeshua at the Last Supper before his death)


Imparting of the Chrism - Baptism by fire (exemplified by Yeshua in the upper room at Pentecost for his disciples)


Ascenscion (exemplified by Yeshua at his departure) regarded as the funeral rite, last rite for the faithful departed, or memorial service where incense and myrrh are burned)