House of the Master Yeshua

Communion at home


There are some who object to holy communion generally due to the perception that communion has to be administered in a Church building by an officiating Priest. Moreover some religions such as the Roman Catholic may require you to qualify to receive it!

However in contrast, Yeshua began communion, and privately partook in a home with his disciples.

Did you know that taking communion in the home continued in this manner for several hundred years, without the need of a Priest, Rabbi, or Pastor to administer God to us!

The change came when the Church was institutionalized as the state religion of Rome. After that communion was removed from the home and made into a religious rite administered only by Priests commissioned by the State of Rome.

It is time for us to lift the veil and see Yeshua as He originally appeared to us. We must worship God in Spirit and truth! Therefore we believe that if our homes and bodies are meant to be the true sanctuaries and temples of God and His Holy Spirit,  then we can certainly seek His presence and commune with God in our homes.

Neither God nor His Anointed One, nor the Holy Spirit is imprisoned by the edicts of a pagan Roman emperor nor by the laws of your local and regional religious authorities!

What does the Communion consist of?   It is a remembrance of our Lord Yeshua. We can commune with Him in fellowship at the table.

What do you need to prepare?

1. Bread.

2 - Fruit of the cup (wine, water, juice)

Make sure you can engage without distraction. Take the phone off the hook; put everything else aside for the next 30 minutes or so.

Set table simply and beautifully.

Have everyone assemble together at the table.

Pass out cups, and plates if there will be a full meal.

Begin with a worship song.

Then start with an opening prayer that Yeshua will reveal Himself to you and that the Holy Spirit will dwell in you and your house.

Proceed to a short reflection about discerning the body of the Lord.

Pour the wine into a cup placed near each person at table.

Take the bread loaf and pass it around the table and let each person tear off a piece. They will dip it in the wine juice and eat it. 

Conclude with a final prayer of grace (thanks). If there is a full meal, all may now engage in passing the food portions around.

You can rehearse this aforehand and write your opening prayer, reflection and closing prayer on paper as a pleasing script to be used on the Sabbath or every day for communion.