House of the Master Yeshua

The Mission of House Ministries of Yeshua is part of House Ministries of Yeshua operated independently by licensed and ordained minister Ms. R. Leal



message from the Pastor



My ministry serves to provide fellow believers with moral support of the practice, worship and communion of God in the home. I teach and prepare interested seekers with a sound understanding of Yeshua Ha' Machiach (called Emmanuel) and His true teachings.

Having worked diligently in spite of extreme hardships, I have been preparing for this sacred work for the benefit of people of all nations. I operate as founder of my ministerial vocation to teach head of households how to minister to their own families at home, the true worship and communion of man and woman with God, the Living Father and the Holy Spirit.

In addition I will endeavor to provide a network of resources for lives enduring extreme hardship, and maintain a website network for communicating events, opportunities and teachings from the oldest known and recorded scriptures.

Peace of Yeshua to you.


Purpose and mission of the HMY charter

The purpose and mission HMY is to represent the body of Christ as described in the Old and New Testaments, to spread the Gospel of Christ as led by the Holy Spirit, to build up the body in principles of communion and Godly living, to have a vital part in missions here and abroad and to strive toward unity in the Body of Christ.


The Holy Spirit guides the affairs of the House Ministries of Yeshua giving authority to those appointed to oversee, lead, guide in administering the affairs of the Church. We therefore claim the right to be governed under the crown of Yeshua Emmanuel and His authority over the true church, and reject all claims by the civil government to headship or sovereignty over the Church.


While maintaining sovereignty the House Ministries of Yeshua Church shall seek the association to maintain voluntarily cooperative fellowship with the United Christian Faith Ministries and their affiliated churches that are equally biblically yoked holding Evangelical Christian doctrine, purpose, mission, and deeds to serving Yeshua Emmanuel, the true Christ.