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August 2020

Today is the month that I received the charter for the church House Ministries of Yeshua. I am proud of the work accomplished so far in spite of all the setbacks. Here is a timeline of goals accomplished and goals envisioned.......

December 2020 Announcement of HMY opening

January 2020 Opened HMY website 

February 2020 imported all pages for development of HMY website

March 2020 Emphasized and promoted Sabbath at Home and Communion at Home. Page information on how to instructions edited and posted online

May 2020 Created plans for financial structure of HMY and its affiliate charity nonprofit TPM

June 2020 Finalized and edited all pages of HMY website and made store live. 

August 2020 Received HMY charter from UCFM

September 2020 will create materials for use in Christian Rites including collateral to promote membership online

October 2020 First lucernarium at location to be announced

November 2020 Public promotion and rollout of calendrical observances through event planning in specific communities

December 2020 Children's home Epiphany Gift Drive

January 2021 First ever Public Anointing Service and Communion to be held at location to be announced

February 2021 Rollout of Blue Earth Ministries program for children - an evangelistic Christian homeschool program for a course in environmental ethics and awareness.


The Blog of HMY

July 2020

July marks the celebration of our nations's birthday. The celebration was muted for many reasons this year. We are called to remember and pray for our nation as we endure the threats of violence on the streets and continuing unrest. Pray for your leaders daily and also the people who have died needlessly at the hands of irresponsible persons who are supposed to be pillars and defenders of the community. Pray for your President and the amazing afflictions he has endured and for our soldiers that they may be protected at home and abroad as they defend our borders. Pray for unity and resolve and peace. In America we should be honored in live in a nation that preserves our liberty to seek spiritual progression towards God. We must defend it against agendas and statements that try to nullify this right. My suggestion. Get a copy of the Consituion, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Post these inside your homes. If you are a parent read sections daily until complete to your children! Never forget what the circumstances of your liberty is based on. And do not let others was paid for by the shedding of someone's blood.......

The Blog of HMY

June 2020

The beginning of Summer's oppressive heat continues to remind those of us who are in constant search for personal happiness, that these occasional doses of bliss are impermanent and inconstant. For we are not of this world but belong to a special race wherein our hearts are attuned to the Holy Father and all things of heaven. Sometimes we think we might want to stay on Earth and all our lives we spend energy trying to create permanence in all we do here. But we all must be reminded that we are only pilgrims-our true home and happiness is found in heaven. Therefore let us set the task before us to make sure we can ascend. The first rung of the ladder is repentance at our separation from God. The second is the recognition of the good news that we have a Saviour who has already paved the rest of the way for us to reconciliation with the Heavenly Father. The Saviour's name is the name above all names. None other than Yeshua Ha'Machiach. Praise His Holy Name!

The Blog of HMY

May 2020

Three months ago we were all giddy with the tide of success no? Me included! Our economy was doing great. Many of our families were healthy and enjoying life. Over this period of time, our thoughts of happiness turned to solidarity, austerity, financial loss and sorrow as we watched some of our loved ones perish in this covid19 crisis. No one has been immune to it's devastating effects. And there will be a long road to recovery. 

But the Hand of God is moving through all of it! I have been lucky enough, not deserving, to witness how He is taking our sorrows and turning us inward towards our real priorities, our families, our essential values and our God. This crisis although not planned by God for the detriment of many, is still actually being used by God to thwart the evil intended and turn it into something Grand. How great is our God the Father! Won't you take the time with me to pray to and worship His Holy Name. Let us pray as His son, Yeshua Ha' Machiach taught us in the Our Father prayer. I am in agreement with you in this prayer!


It is February 2020 and many exciting things to tell you. However, before I post I want to remind you that this ministry is rolling out in two ways; 1) as an web outreach to people who are interested in supporting this ministry, and 2) as a person to person outreach to those who are looking to enhance their relationship with Yeshua, our Lord. 

One of the ways you can begin is to register as a member. There are some exciting things to learn, and ways to participate now! If you would like more information, please email me to learn more. Even though it is a busy time for me, I will take time to answer all requests and inquiries. Shalom! 2-24-20


Happy New Year HMY Members!

I am happy to announce the rollout of our ministries this year 2020.  It began with Christmas caroling in the neighborhood on Christmas Eve! This year will be a special year for many reasons. It will become evidently MORE special when you begin to include yourself in this home church trend. Although we don't use a specific spot for meeting, many of your homes WILL be the highlight of spiritual awakenings, prayer and events! Volunteer to make YOUR home a home church! Dont actually have a home. No worries, We can make plans called 'plein air' activities. This is what HMY is ALL about! Worshipping under the name of Yeshua. That's the best rooftop! G-d bless each and everyone of YOU! 1-8-2020


Merry Christmas CHM Members! As your pastor I am delighted to roll out the website House of the Master Yeshua at Christmas time: a time of new beginning. This is a wondrous time filled with hope and awe of the infant King who comes to redeem the world. If your heart is weary, sad and blue, remember Emmanuel your King is born! Rejoice! 1-25-19