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Forum on the subject of "Christhood" versus "Christianity".....



There will be a profound rebuke of those within the Christian body which has become so splintered that there are 34,000 distinct and separate Christian sects! This phenomena of division has become "churchianity." I ask all to consider how Christhood can be compared to Christianity. Is it really one and the same?

For Christhood is the most simple thing in the world. But Christianity, originally was supposed to be the teaching of attaining Christhood. Yet it has become an unworthy immersion into Christian legalism. Christian religious theology and exegetes has obscured Yeshua's beautiful, simple and powerful truth about becoming like a Christ!

On the one hand Christhood exemplifies what it is like to be and act 'as Yeshua.' We adopt Yeshua Emmanuel's ways and responses to life and to each other based on the brotherhood of Yeshua.

Christianity on the other hand has turned into a hypocritical dogma based on the narrative of a personality known Jesus of Nazareth. But the man from whom they borrowed this wonderful legacy should be honored with His original name and original teaching. His name is Yeshua Bar Abbas meaning Son of the Father known to Jews of that day as Raboni Yeshua Ben Youssef, the Emmanuel. He upheld the covenant of Abraham, Moses and Enoch with the Heavenly Father. But in the end He broke away from Temple Jews and  rallied for repentance from the dead letter of the law. He exhorted to all for a return to seeking the living spirit inside oneself!

Christianity alone cannot necessarily enable us to be and do like Christ. We must seek the crystal clear consciousness in Yeshua that it may become our own as well.

We will talk about Christhood and the way to the cross right here. I want to add comments and reflections because it is truly a discussion as once was had between Yeshua and his own disciples....

The question I put to you today is "What does Christhood mean in your own life?"  i thought it took alot of reading and researching many sources to make sure I had the correct understanding of God's truth. I thought I had to talk to people, visit various churches and personally research the history of the Christian faith including reads about other cultural ideals about God. I thought it must be entreated as a scientifically applied query with searches for historical references as evidence. But I was wrong.

I started this very early and it led me all the way into middle age! This search continued well into the upbringing of my own child. The miracles that opened truth born of spiritual mysteries proved the victors of shaping my faith into a solid thing.

There is a beautiful and the most striking example of what Christhood as compared to Christianity is. God is anticipating each one of us to accept the title of co-heir with Yeshua as Sons of God. In fact we are ALL to become a type of Christ. For Yeshua is the original Kristos who paved the way. 

Until that time, we could not have done it on our own, trying to find a path to God.  It took Yeshua Emmanuel and His life of sacrifice to come down and create the life bridge to get us there. Many generations of preparation led to the Messiah but only one could do that work of salvation.

After accepting Yeshua for who He really is and following His precepts, we through spiritual realization, fall deeply in love with the Father in Him so much that we are moved.... emulate His light and His beauty to others similarly through sincere and devoted acts of faith, love and righteousness. But not because we are expected to. For by then, we will want so much to offer our lives of service in return for the salvation He provided. It will happen out of a deep love for Him and a gratitude for His absolute gift of self. When we accept Yeshua as the Kristos fully integrated into our lives, God the Father looks down and sees the beauty of His Son and falls in love with us, and declares us to be His children also. He is a waymaker to eternal life about which we currently cannot know anything simply on our own.

This is an inner process that takes time as our body, mind and soul change to incorporate a new nature of the Kristos in our living. The Spirit of Fire will descend to produce true change. In fact this desire to emulate Yeshua out of gratitude and adoration leads us to be transformed into the new man and woman of heaven's promise, one we can actually ascend as Yeshua did. For this is the promise of God!

Taking up our own cross means we are to follow Yeshua's footsteps with the same determination to reunite ourselves to God. In the course of time, our continued renewal in the Spirit will make us capable of surpassing what Yeshua did in His lifetime......

We will suddenly become able to do as He did. We will minister to, heal and bless others. We will pray ceaselessly. We will begin to love others unconditionally. We will give our lives for our friends. We will endure hardships with joy and expectancy instead of sadness and lament. We will maintain faithful perseverance in whatever sufferings or inconveniences our path has given us. We will BE heroes with miracles to give away for those who have none, all without a need for congratulation or personal recognition, doing it humbly, detached, calmly, quietly and with kindness and joy. We will affect the world with the great hope for our quick reunion with the Divine. And, we will be able to ask God to forgive those who injure, harm or kill us.

In this does Yeshua experience true exaltation for our sake, that we have been harvested as just and perfecting souls. But here is the greater portion: our God doesn't require us to be perfect. Yeshua already took care of that for us! Alleluia!


Ultimately it is Yeshua who can wipe away our tears forever, teach us calm instead of fear and bring out Holy Love in us!