House of the Master Yeshua

Marriage A Blessed and Superior Covenant

It is a splendid thing to start the lives of you and your beloved in the House of Yeshua. Why? Because of the excellent preparation and foundation for how to regard this covenant which is in Yeshua's terms, the supreme covenant! Since this is a topic of great length you will learn more by your increased participation at HMY.

This page is to help interested couples learn how to prepare for the marriage bonds with our pastor at HMY presiding. The marriage covenant is a non-denominational spiritual covenant act that binds families into covenant also with God not just with each other. It has nothing to do with affiliation to any particular religion or creed. I take my Christian ceremonial duty very seriously along with the preparation spiritually that God requires to yoke a man and woman together. Hence my insistence for proper planning, avoiding rushed events and full completion of all steps leading to wedding day. You and your betrothed are first registered as members of HMY. You can then qualify also participate in HMY rites.You will then participate in an awe inspiring experience of self inventory and complete a marriage preparation course administered by HMY. Finally after obtaining a marriage license by the state prior to the wedding ceremony, you will be given a certificate of marriage from HMY. Then you can make arrangements for the HMY minister to perform the bonds of marriage in your wedding. 

If you are planning your wedding and would like me to assist please keep in mind three other most important considerations as follows:

1. Location. I have a 35 mile distance boundary. Please check your intended venue to confirm it fits to this boundary. Otherwise the generally stated fee increases.

2. Scheduling. Because I require meetings with the couple I can only plan for a wedding service at least 1 month in advance which will be for the couple to participate in a marriage prep course that takes 4 weeks prior to marriage date.

3. Payment for Marriage Preparation and Marriage Ceremonies. Payment for both events must be received same day of booking the preparations meetings before any reservations are confirmed. The minister will then confirm the dates for marriage ceremony requested after payment clears.

See the breakdown of Marriage preparation and finalization below:


1. First meeting is a Wednesday interview with 2 witnesses present.

        Interview and personal intake data.

        List witnesses and take oath.

        Orientation to process.

        Purchase of course, book and kit and payment for marriage bonds.

        Book, kit received and course outlay explained.

        Next 3 meetings scheduled ahead for marriage preparation.

        Meeting adjourned.

2. All meetings Wednesday morning (2 hr sessions each)

3. Before last meeting, couple must go to County to acquire marriage license and present license to minister at last meeting.

4. Last Wednesday is to receive HMY marriage certification and reflection on all that has been learned - It is at this time that you can now confirm ceremony and make any final payments and present county marriage license to minister.

      Confirmation of all payments received.

      Submit marriage license.

      Make final payments or additional payment.

      Receive certification.

      Confirm dates and location venue and time of wedding.

      Provide any scripts or plans for rehearsal.

Consider dates for ceremony on Saturday eve only. Other dates and times require an additional 2 weeks scheduled in advance after clearance of availability. There is a $100 dollars additional charge which must be prepaid in cash for days other than Saturday.

5. Two days prior. Reconfirm venue and time.

6. Wedding day.