House of the Master Yeshua

Rita G. Leal, AA, AAT, AAS, BSIS, licensed ordained UCFM minister

About My Ministry

Let only the Great Father through His Son, the Master Yeshua be glorified as we labor to attain unto the greater portion. For He is the Creator of our Souls. And thus by invitation are we all of the priesthood after the order of Melchisadek who would take up the mantle of Yeshua Emmanuel. 

I am licensed by UCFM as a trained,  approved and ordained minister and a prison and emergency services chaplain with yearly certifications. I serve as a spiritual interfaith nondenominational minister and base my activities, beliefs and practices on the teachings and model of the Master Yeshua Emmanuel, the Great Christ.

For a curriculum vitae and copy of credentials, contact me by email. Any credentials must be requested by email from the Contacts page.