House of the Master Yeshua

Rita Gomez Leal, AA, AAT, AAS, BSIS, licensed ordained UCFM minister

About My Ministry

Let only the Master Yeshua be glorified even though we attain unto His greater portion. For He is the Creator of our Souls. And thus by invitation are we all of the priesthood after the order of Melchisadek who would take up the mantle of Yeshua Emmanuel. 

For a curriculum vitae and a copy of credentials, please contact me by email. Below is a description of what I offer as part of my ministry work. I am licensed by UCFM as a trained,  approved and licensed minister and a prison and emergency services chaplain. Any credentials needed must be requested by email from the Contacts page.

Here I will detail what I offer as part of my ministry. The word ministry defines service. It is implied as the anointing or imparting of the Spirit or the creating of sacred moments.  Although all believers are priests and priestesses by divine birthright, one such as I have been specifically trained and prepared to serve and assist many believers for a redemptive work. So I generally define my services as that labor to others which imparts the Spirit. This is my personal ministry.

My ministry services are done for free. I keep a job to support myself so my ministry is funded by my employment not by tithes. There are services in which I must recoup costs acquired in order to perform a service.  Here below is a definitive list of services that are free of charge followed by a short list of services that do have fees.



Ministry Services always free of charge

Rites as first enacted and
observed by Yeshua and his family


Dedication (exemplified by Samuel at the Temple for the infant Yeshua)

Anointing with water, clay, oil and laying on of hands (exemplified by Yeshua in his healings)

Baptism by water (exemplified by John at River Jordan for the man Yeshua spiritual redemption precedes Baptism

Communion (exemplified by Yeshua at the Last Supper before his death)

Imparting of the Chrism - Baptism by fire (exemplified by Yeshua in the upper room at Pentecost for his disciples)

Ascenscion (exemplified by Yeshua at his departure) (regarded as the funeral rite, last rite for the faithful departed, or memorial service where incense and myrrh are burned)

Other ministerial functions teaching fasting, spiritually minded culinary habits, practice of exercise and quietness, communions with angels and use of elements for creating harmony in the body, mind and soul, performing for and teaching heads of household how to perform prayer vigils, sabbath and communion for family at home, imparting the holy chrism to disciplines who have completed thier study and practice, instruction for Volunteers, Spiritual Discipleship and Stewardship 7 week Summer program, resulting in certification, leading private assemblies for prayer, song, instruction, sabbath and communion, dinners, feasts of holy days, lucernariums, spiritual watches, one one one prayer and holy communion, scheduled prayer vigils - for individual or groups in prison, the chapel, hospital or home or online FaceTime. Participation will be however possible and with chaperone and witness to listen, discuss, reflect and pray together.

(a note on free Instruction for heads of household for ministering private holy sabbath, feast days and communions at home. I believe it is the will and intent of Yeshua that every man and woman who heads the household shall be taught how to minister unto their own families.  Instruction here is given at no cost so that you can become a layminister of your kin (if not a licensed one) for licensed are only to do this work as a vocation across communities and to perform certain rites such as marriage in a knowledgeable approach). 

Feasts of Holy Days these are holy days of remembrance observed by Jew or Christian and are private feast days but special appearances by minister can be made or conducted by head of household to solemnize day in communion at dinner

Epiphany and Baptism of Jesus - Jan 6 and 7, 2020

Candlemas -  February 2, 2020

Purim – February 22-23, 2020

Passover (Feast of Unleavened Bread) – March 23 – 29, 2020 

Palm Sunday

Holy Thursday

Day of Resurrection of Yeshua

Day of Simon – April 30, 2020

Feast of First Fruits (Pentecost) – May 16, 2020 

Day of Ascension

Lammas Day - August 1, 2020

Memorial Blowing of Trumpets – September 2, 2020 

Day of Atonement – September 11, 2020

Feast of Tabernacles – September 16 – 23, 2020 

Michaelmas - September 29, 2020

All saints Souls day - November 1 and 2

Feast of Dedication – November 24th  - December 1st

Holy Innocents Day - December 28, 2020

Lucernarium of the loaves and fishes a processional semi public event for which there is also no charge-see dates and locations. is a very ancient practice of taking lanterns or candles out by the shore or field and singing hymns of praise and thanks out towards the open sky in an act of devotion to the Heavenly Father worshipping solely under the Tabernacle of the Righteous name of Yeshua Emmanuel. This is to commemorate how Yeshua preached and how the people would gather around him to listen. There Is a lecture reading, a scriptural quote by children, blessing of animals and everyone can bring their own instrument to play or their own music song sheets to sing to God His praise. It is a processional which means people walk in a line and form a circle as we make our way towards holy ground which means gathering together under the name of Yeshua Emmanuel. This holy ground on which we worship is not a location but a unity created by and for Yeshua Emmanuel, the Anointed One. These will be pre-arranged times and seasonal occurrences.


Other Ministry Services

Please contact the Pastor at for more information. These services incur a cost and contacting the Pastor directly can give you a better idea of the outlay.

Pre-or Post Marriage Prep or Counseling & kit

Wedding Officiant Services

Vow Renewals

Eulogy and Memorial Services Speaker or Funerals (all day)

Lectures and Symposium Presentations (half day)

Chaplain Services