House of the Master Yeshua

Happy New Year!

Here is the schedule for House of the Master Yeshua Ministries for the rest of the year.

Friday from 6 pm sundown to Saturday 6 pm sundown: Holy Sabbath. No services or ceremonies held during these hours. This is a true G-dly rest for you as well as your minister. It is a time that should be used for fasting, reflection and quiet activities if any at all. I highly encourge this time to be spent among family members so that you can teach them the important and therapeutic example of 'being still.'

Saturday from 6 pm sundown to 9 pm evening: 1st eve after Sabbath. I am available to counsel with those in need and for prayer or to assist with all holy rites such as communion, baptismals, confirmation, reconciliation, house blessings and a specially scheduled Holy Sabbat or worship service. In other instances, I may be available for marriage ceremonies and funeral processions.

Wednesday  from 7 am morning to 11 am late morning 5th morn after Sabbath. I am available for marriage preparation, funeral or other event or processions planning.