House of the Master Yeshua


Here is the weekly schedule for House of the Master Yeshua Ministries 

Friday from 6 pm sundown to Saturday 6 pm sundown: Holy Sabbath. No services or ceremonies held during these hours. This is a true Godly rest for you as well as your minister. It is a time that should be used for fasting, reflection and quiet activities if any at all. I highly encourage this time to be spent among family members so that you can teach them the important and therapeutic example of 'being still' before the very God of all and letting Him rest in you

Saturday from 6 pm sundown to 9 pm evening: 1st eve after Sabbath. I am available to counsel with those in need and for prayer or to assist with all holy rites:

for communions, baptismals, confirmations, reconciliations, house blessings and specially scheduled Holy Sabbat or worship services. In other instances, I will be available for pre-scheduled marriages and funeral processions.

Sunday from 10 to 12 noon: 1st morn after Sabbath. (new addition) I am available to assist with worship leading for actual church congregations. needing coverage for delivery of sermons, teaching of the Word, prayer, fellowship, communions, and anointings.

Wednesday  from 7 am morning to 11 am late morning 5th morn after Sabbath. I am available for marriage preparation sessions,  funeral or other event or processions planning.