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Tenets of our faith

The Core of Our Belief


Tenets of our faith


The Bible (66 books of Old and New Testament) is the God breathed sole source of divine written revelation man about his covenant with God and His Sonship with God.

Its original unedited autograph manuscripts are free of errors and contradictions and is the only source of infallible trustworthy authoritative rule for faith and life of man on earth and the voice of God pervades every book, line, phrase and teaching despite its transcription by scribes, interpretation or delineation by scholars.

We believe in the Triune God, existing as three distinct persons in the manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each co-equal in nature, glory, unity who are the only proper object for all worship, love and faith.

This One true and eternal Godhead is the sovereign sustainer of all things whose glory and fullness is beyond human comprehension.








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