House of the Master Yeshua

The Family of God


There is a divine family in the Heavenly Realms, where exists the spiritual throne of the Master Yeshua Emmanuel.

In this domain as well as in all of Heaven, exists no divisions, denominations or doctrinal differences. In fact All is One in a sublime repose.

It is the Great Yeshua that affirmed during His physical incarnation in Judea that His Father was the God of Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Jacob, Moshe, Noah and all the patriarchs between them and David!

Everyone that is lives by a covenant with either life or death.

Yeshua affirmed that his true mother, brethren and sisters, all his kin are those who seek to do the will of Living God.

The children of the Living God are individual souls that were all birthed from the same font in the origination of the Creation. But our souls were not created then. They are created when we are born into this world of flesh. What was created in fact were innocent spirits before they obtained soul through the experience of human lives. These obtain soul through life experience. When these souls choose the invitation by the Son of God, the Christ to become heirs of heavenly glory their countenance changes from innocent to "illumined". That is why you hear the saying often that "to enter into the Kingdom of the Father ye must be born again....." Born again means this change.

Those who have not chosen the invitation to live under this Covenant are no less made in the image of God but they do not inherit the express promises of the seed of Abraham and Yeshua.

This invitation comes through the Spirit received and accepted through the Spirit of Light and through no other way.

Being a child of God under the Covenant by no means pertains to any nationality, class, religion, race, community or political affiliation.

Being a child of God does not necessarily mean being Christian or Jewish.

A child of God can originally have been of any other religion than the Christian or the Jew, any creed,  any race.

What is more interesting is that there may be many Christians and Jews who may not actually be part of the family of God!

So to identify a child of God simply by native origin, creed or theology is erroneous.

For God calls everyone through the Spirit of Light yet few respond to His invitation, even the ones who were descendants of the Patriarchs! And just who and what is that Spirit of Light? Why none other than the Christ, the crystal clear consciousness embodied in Yeshua Ben Youssef! 

From ancient times in the Middle East, many religions arose to idolize the power of kings and emperors even going so far as regarding them as deity. This was certainly the case in Egypt with the line of Pharaohs. 

But the Abrahaminic covenant created a form of direct connection to this Christ bypassing the idolatry of kings and emperors and was observed by the most faithful, the Essenes, predecessors of ancient Christianity.

During Yeshua's time, there were different beliefs surrounding this Covenant. But Yeshua validated man's ancient Covenant with God without the need to defer to, identify with or pay lip service with any creed or authority. This was so even for the Jewish creeds from which many claims arose that purported them as 'chosen'.

But the rabbinical castes with 'clout' or 'power' often argued against this. They tried to detract from ancient histories purporting that the only path to God was through obeisance to a priesthood.

Authoritarianism in religion is evident today within the framework of the Christian narrative just as it was then for the Jews.

That is exactly why within the Christian body it is difficult to discern who is righteously aligned with the Covenant of Abraham and the Christ. In fact the body of Christ which is split many ways, is under grave danger of being depicted as siding with idolatries of the enemy.

Yeshua never intended such disunity within the body of His followers.

In fact, there are MANY Christian denominations. They all are vying for the same influence, many in varied degrees of subtle coercion and strategy.

Christ never intended theology and religion to dominate the soul. 

Yet those working as part of the Christian ministry have almost all but lost the true meaning of the Covenant.

The Christ is alive and well today and expected to be working for a special harvest: the harvest of souls. But this work is obscured by those t.v. evangelists who are attempting to govern the moral code of innocent soul seekers. They continue trying instead to repress the spiritual community evolving and growing into the true body unity of Christ.

Yet the Spirit of Light is also the Spirit of Truth. He does not lie. That word He proclaims will not return void unto Him, but He will achieve the purpose for which He called it forth.

His mysteries shall be established unto the foundations as the silent upholders of All that is. Selah!