House of the Master Yeshua

In the House of the Master Yeshua....

All Jews and Christians are a part of the family in the Kingdom of G-d, of Yeshua's house, where there are no arguments of doctrinal differences. For Yeshua affirmed during his lifetime that his Father was the G-d of Abraham, Jacob, Moses and David!

In His day, eve within Judaism, there were many sects and differing beliefs within the Judaic perspective. Those with more 'clout' or 'power' often argued against and detracted from other denominational groups. This evil is evident today within the framework of the Christian narrative just as it was then for the Jews.

In fact, there are MANY Christian denominations. They all are vying for the same influence. Yet equally they should be working for the same harvest: the harvest of souls.

Here in the house of the Master Yeshua we simply believe in Our Lord Christ Yeshua and his teachings directly from the oldest, most ancient scriptures. We believe he paved the way toward reconciliation with G-d the All-Parent, Living Father, Holy and Good.

Beyond differences with orthodox jews, trinitarians, vegetarians, arians, charismatics, pentacostals, messianics, gnostics, episcopalians, presbyters, mormons, witnesses, lutherans, catholics, baptists, methodists, protestants or evangelists we can at least agree on one point. He was the Son of G-d, Co-creator with G-d who ascended to Heaven from the earth as Master to re-open the gates of Paradise for us. Paradise is regarded in Jewish literature called the Old Testament as the place where Adam and Eve, the first human parents were created and from which we originated before the Fall. 

To the enlightened it is a timeless truth which must be introduced by G-d only. So acts and beliefs from the standpoint of faith cannot be argued beyond other points for a delimitation of doctrine.

In the end revelation and validation will appear with the Lion of Judah, the one true and faithful Judge of all. As the faithful elect we dont have to worry or strive to prove whether or not we are in the right way with Him. We only have to remember the first and most important commandment which leads us naturally to seek Him, believe in Him and follow what He says in the oldest recorded and unadulterated scriptures He has inspired! Seek first the kingdom of heaven and love the Lord your G-d with ALL your heart.

What the ancient scriptures tells us about Yeshua

The oldest known and recorded sayings of Yeshua and  documented journals of his followers say that Yeshua gave us examples of loving G-d and loving and serving others.

Throughout His ministry he told stories of exemplifying the simplest concepts of his teachings. These did not include elaborate ritualism or occult metaphor. In fact, those closest to him learned to have simple faith and the trust of a child from these stories!

The things he taught were surprisingly clear and simple for following Christ avoiding elaborate schemes and complicated directives.

Significantly he even took a departure from the strict sect that he had come from which was the Essenes to reveal and express that we were not to use extreme legalism and ascetic disciplines as hard and stony requirements for those seeking salvation. He also called each and every one of us to 'minister' unto those seeking that truth and sow the seed of salvation.

He revealed that through perfection in the Spirit we would achieve even greater works than his. But he first gave us the free gift of salvation to any that would receive it to began rebuilding the life in the Spirit rather than in the world. From the point of origination we have access to eternal life. Good news!

He also cautioned against the deceiving doctrines that would result around the belief in Christ. One of those should have most certainly been the Old Universal Catholicism.

Unfortunately these have led to serious and doleful conflicts within the body of Christ. But Christ did not establish his Kingdom only to have it divided! That kind of approach negates the work of Christ. 

The path that leads you to keep seeking to discern the things of the Spirit is the true path of Christ.  Instead of seeking Christianity, seek Christhood!